About Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary

Wild Jasmine Natural Apothecary was created to provide you with quality & affordable non-toxic alternatives to commercial B&B products.

To ensure quality and freshness, I make all of my products by hand in small batches using carefully sourced raw ingredients (local & organic where possible) including Fraser Valley beeswax, natural plant oils & butters, pure essential oils, and our own organically grown botanicals.

The majority of my products (all leave on products) do not require a preservative to ensure consumer safety. Wash off products (shower scrubs) that may come into contact with water contain a paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative to ensure your safety.

All of my products are the result of meticulous research, trial & error, and feedback from friends, family, & other willing product testing participants and of course, myself.

Lastly, we offer products that require minimal and/or reusable packaging to encourage responsible waste management. Please reuse your empty tins, jars & bottles, and recycle lip balm containers.