Fatty Acids

Fatty Acid Profiles

Capric acid - penetrates skin's surface to condition, lightweight lubricant 

Caprylic acid -  penetrates skin's surface to condition, lightweight, non greasy barrier of lubrication

Gamma linolenic acid – exceptional at improving skin’s barrier function, soothes itchy, dry skin, retains moisture, helps with acne-prone skin, absorbs quickly, improves skin suppleness and flexibility, anti-inflammatory

Lauric acid - very moisturizing, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory

Linoleic acid – improves skin’s barrier function, provides anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support, soothes itchy, dry skin, softens skin and improves its suppleness

Linolenic acid – helps improve many skin conditions including eczema, psorasis, and acne, retains moisture, strengthens skin’s barrier function, anti-inflammatory

Myristic acid - moisturizing

Oleic acid – very moisturizing, absorbs well, regenerative, anti-inflammatory

Palmitic acid – helps reinforce skin's healthy barrier function for a smoother surface

Palmitoleic acid – prevents burns, wounds, scratches; anti-microbial, heals damaged skin, improves skin suppleness and flexibility

Stearic acid – improves moisture retention, increases skin flexibility, repairs skin damage, antiviral and anti-inflammatory,