W/S Pumice Scrub (Bulk Refill)

W/S Pumice Scrub (Bulk Refill)

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Drastically improve the look of feet and hands with this gritty pumice scrub exfoliating rough, calloused skin and hard heels leaving them soft again. Sea salt helps to further wash away dead skin cells, while coconut oil and shea butter help smooth and moisturize. A blend of lavender, tea tree and peppermint essential oils helps to stimulate and refresh tired, achy feet. 

Exfoliating is key to soft and smooth, healthy looking skin. Regular exfoliation smooths and polishes skin removing dead skin cells, deep cleans and unclogs pores and enables oils and moisturizers to work more effectively. 

**Encourage waste reduction & promote green living, by offering your customers the option to refill our products at your location
**The scrub refill is the ideal option to use in your skincare/spa services
** Bulk scrub is packaged in glass jar with metal lid

Use in bath or shower, skin that is wet and prepped with warm water will have best results. Once prepped, turn water off in shower, take a small handful of scrub and apply with hands. Massage in gentle circular motions on wet skin, once applied to problem areas, let stand for a few minutes and then rinse well. After drying, for extra nourishment, follow with a moisturizer, such as our Calendula Salve or Body Lotion Bars. Products that are applied after a  scrub and warm rinse can be absorbed more quickly and work more efficiently. Use at most 2-3 times a week. 

MSRP = 0.0712 cents per g / $2.14 per oz
Cost of refilling Pumice Scrub jar (264 g/ 8.8 oz): $18.80 
(customer savings = 20% compared to cost of packaged product)   

Available in 2000 g & 4000 g quantities: 
2000 g - Retail value: $142.42, wholesale price: $71.21 (50% of MSRP) 
4000 g - Retail value: $284.84, wholesale price: $135 (47.5% of MSRP)

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