Coffee Body Scrub
Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub

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Rich in vitamins & natural oils, this aromatic organic coffee-based exfoliator is well worth the mess and leaves your skin smooth & soft. Organic cane sugar helps to further wash away dead skin cells, while coconut oil and cocoa butter help smooth and moisturize. 

Exfoliating is key to soft and smooth, healthy looking skin. Regular exfoliation smooths and polishes skin removing dead skin cells, deep cleans and unclogs pores and enables oils and moisturizers to work more effectively. Additionally, coffee is a stimulant, as is cinnamon essential oil, which improves blood circulation and its antioxidant properties help to generate glowing, radiant skin. 

One Jar = 8.8 oz / 264 g

Use in bath or shower, skin that is wet and prepped with warm water will have best results. Once prepped, turn water off in shower, take a small handful of scrub and apply with hands. Massage in gentle circular motions on wet skin, once applied to full body, let stand for a few minutes and then rinse well. After shower, while skin is still damp, apply our Body Oil. Products that are applied after a body scrub and warm rinse can be absorbed more quickly and work more efficiently. Use at most 2-3 times a week. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura K
Love this Coffee Scrub!

The Coffee Scrub smells SO GOOD - like roasted coffee crisp and dark chocolate hazelnut. It makes my skin feel rejuvenated and moisturized. I love it and have already bought multiples for family and friends!


It’s such a wonderful product. My skin truly appreciates it and the scent is heavenly. The seller is also one of the kindest people ever!
Reviewed on Etsy April 15, 2021

Cheyenne Linklater

I really enjoy the smell of the product.
The way it makes your skin feel after using.
i would recommend this to anyone.


The scrub is part of my recent order. I just tried and it was amazing having coffee in my shower. My knees and elbows were so smooth after using the scrub for the first time....highly recommend this scrub!

Best smoothing scrub for the shower!

And the smell is amazing! I bought this scrub a while ago in a craft market and it was the best purchase I made there.
The smell is a very strong coffee smell and it just wakes you up, especially when you're using it for a morning shower.
I use it to scrub my body. It does get a bit messy because it has some granules, which I think are ground up coffee beans(?). But once you wash it all off, the skin just feels so smooth and (surprisingly) moisturised.

This is great! I will absolutely purchase more when I've run out

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